Easily Track Your Emails with UTM Parameters

Adding UTM parameters to URLs in emails have always been painful. Email services providers like Mailchimp offer some tracking, but you have very little control over it. The only other option is to build each URL one by one and paste it back in your email. But, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Terminus has an email tracking […]

Why you need UTM parameters in social media marketing

Are you ready to improve your social media marketing strategy? If you want to develop an optimal strategy, you need to learn more about UTM parameters. In fact, it is almost impossible to fully optimize or even understand your social media efforts without UTM. In essence, UTM parameters are the what connects your Google Analytics and social media efforts. It is what allows […]

Powerful Methods for Conversion Tracking in 2016

Conversion tracking is a smart way to learn what your site visitors like and respond to. In essence, it helps you see tangible results from your advertising efforts. This is achieved by setting specific goals i.e. desired user actions that can be easily measured. How can conversion tracking help your business Conversion means getting your visitors […]