3 Ways to Improve User Experience on Your Website

The way your visitor feels about your website determines whether he/she will use it again. If things are hard to find and users have trouble navigating and understanding what your site is about— forget conversions; in fact your visitor will make it a point not to return. Hence it’s necessary that you pay attention to […]

How to Add UTM and Referrer Information to Lead Forms?

Every lead is valuable for at least two reasons: For being a lead that moves your business (duh) Identifying your most valuable channels So how can you find out where a lead came from? One way is to have them answer “How did you find us?”. But many people don’t answer it, either because they don’t want to […]

How to Makes Sales with Your Blog?

The online community has a wide market which if tapped into can generate good sales for your business. Blogging is one sure way of raking in sales. Sites like CrazyEgg and ConversionXL run their entire business based on the traffic and mentions generated from their blogs. For Marcus Sheridan, blogging resulted in over 2 million […]