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How to create a naming Convention?

Conventions or Naming Conventions are a powerful feature in Terminus. You can use them to define how your UTM parameters are created by customizing your URL builder. You can even customize it for a specific type of campaign.

Let’s say you have two newsletters, newsletter1 and newsletter2. You send emails to each one once every week, and a special email once every month. For the URLs in these emails, the UTM parameters might look something like this:

utm_campaign = weekly-2017_05_28 or monthly-2018_06_14

utm_medium = email

utm_source = newsletter1 or newsletter2

Let’s create a convention for our email newsletters.

Step 1: Create a new Convention

Navigate to Tools > Conventions. Click the Create a new Convention button.

Enter a convention name, say Email Newsletter Convention and click Save.

We’ll come back to it to configure the Parameter Formats.

Step 2: Create a Campaign Format

Click on Parameter Formats tab and then Create a new Format button.

We will now define our UTM Campaign format for our email newsletters. This will help us create utm_campaign values such as weekly-2017_05_28 or monthly-2018_06_14.

  1. In the Name field, enter Email Campaign Format.
  2. For the Type, select Two or more fields
  3. In the Separator field, enter (dash). (This is used to join weekly and 2017_05_28 to build weekly-2017_05_28)
  4. Click Next

You can now configure the fields for this format. For our campaign format, we have two fields:

  1. Interval which has values weekly or monthly.
  2. Send date which could be any date.

We will create our fields in the order they appear in our format. So we will create our Interval field first.

Choose the values as shown in the image above and click Save.

Now we create our Send date field.

You can configure the field as follows:

Once you hit save, your Email Campaign Format is complete.

Step 3: Create a Medium Format

For our email newsletter, we want our UTM Medium value to be always
email. So let’s create a new Parameter Format. You can back to Parameter Formats tab and click Create a new Format button as shown in the previous step.

  1. In the Name field, enter Email Medium Format.
  2. For Type field, select One field.

After you click next, you can configure the field. In this case, it’s a Constant field with value email.

Your Email Medium Format is now complete.

Step 4: Create a Source Format

Let’s again create a new Parameter Format. For this, we want a single dropdown with two options, newsletter1 and newsletter2.

  1. In the Name field, enter Email Source Format.
  2. For Type field, select One field.

After you click Next, you can configure the field.

After you configure the field as above, click Save.

All the formats are now successfully configured.

Step 5: Update the convention

Let’s go back to the conventions list. You can go there by navigating to Tools > Conventions.

Click Edit icon for Email Newsletter Convention.

Select the correct formats for each Campaign Format, Medium Format and Source Format as shown above. Click Save.

Your Email Newsletter Convention is now completely configured. You can now use it in your UTM URL Builder.

Step 6 (Optional): Force using a convention

If you would like all URLs to be built using one of your conventions, it’s possible to enforce this using Force conventions setting

Force conventions

  1. Go to project Settings > Advanced Settings (show)
  2. Check Force conventions
  3. Save

This will

  1. Remove No Convention option from conventions selection
  2. Disable any URL builders that don’t support conventions
  3. Disable URL import

Forcing conventions is a great way to make sure that everyone on your team follows your UTM strategy more closely.

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