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How to create a Preset?

Presets are used to save a combination of UTM values to be used later. For example, you might have a long running campaign for sharing your blog posts on Twitter, e.g.

utm_campaign = blog
utm_medium = social
utm_source = twitter

You can create a new preset, say “Twitter Blog Sharing” and save these UTM values in it. When building a new tracking URL, you can select this preset instead of typing/selecting individual UTM values. This makes URL building much quicker and less error prone.

There are two ways to create presets in Terminus:

  1. Create a preset in advance (we will discuss below)
  2. Create a preset while building URLs

Here are the steps to create presets in advance:

1. Go to Presets page

While in your project, navigate to Tools > Presets


2. Click Create a New Preset


3. Specify UTM parameters


  1. Specify a name for your preset. Make it easy to recognize.
  2. Select or type any UTM parameters (UTM Campaign, UTM Medium, UTM Source, UTM Content, UTM Term)
  3. Click Save.

Your preset is now available to be used in URL builders.

You can also create presets while building UTM tracking URLs.

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