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Manage users

If you have team of people building UTM tracking URLs, Terminus allows you collaborate with them using fine grained permission levels.

Here’s how you can add users to your account:

1. Go to Manage Users page

From the top navigation, click on Manage Users in the dropdown.


2. Add a new user


Click Add a User button

3. Add an admin user


  1. Enter the Email address of the user
  2. Select Account Administrator checkbox.
  3. Click Save

An admin user can manage everything in the account including creating new projects, deleting projects, managing plans & billing, managing other users, etc. However, an admin who is not the owner cannot delete the account.

4. Add a non-admin user

You can add users without giving them administrator privileges.


In this case, don’t select Account Administrator checkbox, but select the appropriate permission levels for each project.


Following permissions levels are currently supported:

  • No Access: You can use this option to revoke access to a project
  • Full Access: User can do everything in the project including deleting it
  • Limited Access: Select only the items that you want the user to be able to create or edit. It’s recommended to leave Settings unchecked since this prevents the user from changing project configuration or deleting the project.

Limited Access can be used to tightly control how your team builds UTM tracking URLs. For example, you can allow a user to create new utm_campaign, utm_content and utm_term values, but not utm_medium and utm_source.

Settings permission also controls if a user is able to create or modify conventions, info fields, custom parameters, etc.

Once you are done with specifying permissions for the user, click Save.

5. Invitation email

After you click Save, an email will be sent to the user inviting them to create an account in Terminus. Once they have accepted the invitation, you’ll see it in All Users section.


If the user doesn’t get the invitation email, you can follow these steps to resolve it.

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