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How to create User Groups

User Groups or Groups can help you manage permissions for several team members at once. These can be used to represent teams, roles, departments, etc. A user can belong to more than one group and will inherit all the permissions specified in that group.

NOTE: When you have many users, it’s highly recommended to use groups instead of specifying permissions directly for easier management.

Following steps will show you how to create a group:

1. Go to Manage Users page

From the top navigation, click on Manage Users in the dropdown.

2. Navigate to Groups

Click Groups from the left sidebar.

3. Add a Group

Click Add a User button

4. Specify Group details

  1. Specify a group Name. Use names that describe the role, team or purpose for the group.
  2. (Optional) You can specify some project permissions. Click Add Project Permission and select a project.
  3. (Optional) Select the relevant checkboxes to give write permissions (including delete) to those objects. For example, you can allow a user to create new utm_campaign, utm_content and utm_term values, but not utm_medium and utm_source.
  4. Click Save.

Any users that belong to this group will be granted the permissions you specify here.

NOTE: It’s recommended to leave Settings for a project permission unchecked since this prevents the user from changing project configuration or deleting the project. Settings permission also allows a user to create and modify conventions, info fields, and other such project level settings etc.

5. Add users to the group

  1. Click Add users to group button

  1. Select the users you would like add
  2. Click Add to group

These users will now belong to Social Media Team group and will also be able to access the project Bluth Marketing with the specified permissions.

6. Remove users from the group

  1. Select the users you would like to remove
  2. Click Remove from group

These users will only be removed from the group and not from your account. They’ll continue to have permissions given directly or via other groups.

7. Add a user to multiple groups

You can specify multiple groups for a user by editing them directly in Manage Users section.

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