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The only UTM builder with naming conventions you can actually enforce.

Leading companies worldwide use Terminus UTM Builder daily to manage their UTM tracking URLs
The Humane Society of the United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Janus Henderson Investors
Cell Signaling Technology
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Terminus App is designed to build UTM URLs quickly and easily

Build Multiple UTM URLs

You don't need to build each URL separately. Build several URLs at once with one click.
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Multiple UTM Builder

Configure UTM Naming Conventions

You probably build UTM values by joining several fields together. e.g. weekly-2018_08_25.
Don't rely on remembering your conventions. Make them part of your own customized UTM builder. Define and enforce conventions specific to different channels, products, or anything else you need.
For example, you can create Email Newsletter Convention, Facebook Ads Convention, Shoes Sale Convention, etc.
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UTM Naming Conventions

Build Branded Short URLs

Terminus works with your custom domain to help you build branded short urls. Share nice looking URLs on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
You can even enable HTTPS for your custom domain for security and privacy of your visitors.
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Customize Shorturl

Track Your Emails

Adding UTM tracking to your emails need not be painful. Easily track all your emails with our email tracking builder. It's compatible with most email service providers including Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Drip, etc.
UTM Tracked Email

Drilldown Reports

See the click reports within Terminus to see how your campaigns are doing. Drilldown to a specific campaign, medium, or source to see what's working and what's not. Just share your short URLs as usual. There's nothing to install on your website.

Collaborate with your team

Give each member of your team the right level of access. You can also see who created a certain URL or campaign for auditing purposes.
Team Members

Terminus is the UTM builder that replaces your spreadsheets

Curious what people are saying about Terminus?

“The entire team has been loving Terminus and I’m delighted that they’ve all taken to it so quickly.”

Rich Rojas
SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing - The Humane Society of the United States

Rich Rojas
Juston Brommel
“I am consistently blown away at how dialed in Terminus is! The team has thought through all of the great features - and they build out new ones based on user requests. It changed our lives when it comes to keeping track of URLs!”

Juston Brommel, CMO, Founder

“Marketo and Hubspot have their own URL creators, but they are not as robust as Terminus. Terminus is simply the best UTM management tool.”

Greg Harned
Founder - RevOps Global

Gregory Harned
Rudy Bachraty
“We’ve been using Terminus for almost 3 years and it’s still the absolute best UTM builder I’ve seen.”

Rudy Bachraty
Director, Social Media Marketing - Outdoor Sportsman Group

“I had actually started building a solution like Terminus using Google Spreadsheets, Forms, and the likes. Essentially, Terminus took care of all the things that I would have built after countless hours of fiddling with formulae and learning more about spreadsheets.”

Michael Grubbs
Director of Content - Moblized

Michael Grubbs

Terminus helps you and your team be consistent in UTM tracking

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