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How to use Bitly to shorten your URLs?

By default, Terminus uses its custom shortener to shorten all your URLs. But you can also use your own Bitly account instead.

Here are the steps to connect your Bitly account to one of your Terminus projects:

1. Go to shortener settings in your project

While in your project, navigate to Settings -> Shorteners and click Connect a Bitly account.

2. Authorize Terminus to connect to your Bitly account

You will need to be logged in to your Bitly account before you see this screen.

After you click Allow, your project will be connected to your Bitly account.

Make sure that In Use is selected.

Any new URLs will now use your Bitly account for shortening.

If you need to use your Bitly account for more than one project, you’ll need to connect each of them individually.

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