Learn the Best Practices for Building UTM Tracking URLs

An Email Crash Course

UTM parameters are powerful. But they can also ruin your analytics reports if not used with care.

But don't worry. A little knowledge of how they work will prevent this. If you follow certain naming conventions, you can get accurate traffic reports that enable great insights into your marketing efforts.

What you will learn from this 5-part email course:

  • Basics of how Google Analyitcs categorizes visitors in channels, like email, social,
  • What are UTM parameters?
  • Why you should not tag all your URLs (we'll discuss specific cases)
  • The exact parameters you should use for your Social and Email Campaigns
  • Tools that help you build and manage your tracking URLs
  • .. and much more

Sign up for this course if you want to develop a consistent UTM tagging strategy, make sense of your conversion numbers, and identify your best converting traffic sources. You and your entire marketing team will get some great tips.

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