UTM URL Builder to Replace Your Spreadsheets

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“I had actually started building a solution like Terminus using Google Spreadsheets, Forms, and the likes. Essentially, Terminus took care of all the things that I would have built after countless hours of fiddling with formulae and learning more about spreadsheets.”

– Michael Grubbs | Director of Content at Moblized

Why Do I Need It?

All of Your URLs in One Place

  • You don't need to type UTM parameters over and over again. Terminus remembers them for you.
  • If you have a lot of URLs, build them in bulk.
  • Build new URLs based on the previous ones with a single click.

Consistent UTM Tags

  • Avoid inconsistent UTM tags. We help you be consistent.
  • Your team will also be able to follow your UTM tagging conventions more consistently.

Get Accurate Traffic Reports

  • Avoid duplicate tags like Email, email and e-mail.
  • Avoid having to customize your analytics tool to account for bad data.
  • Enable accurate traffic reports and get insights a whole lot faster.

“Thanks again for creating the best custom UTM builder I've seen.”

– Rudy Bachraty | Social Media Marketing Manager Outdoor Channel

Build Consistent UTM Tracking URLs. Get Accurate Analytics Reports.