UTM Naming Conventions

Make them part of your UTM Builder. No more documents, no more mistakes.

UTM builder that adapts to your conventions

Just select a convention. Our UTM builder will reconfigure itself and only accept values in your specified format.
No other product has anything like this.
UTM Naming Conventions

Define as many UTM conventions as you need

Define conventions specific to different channels, products, or anything else you need.
For example, you can create Email Newsletter Convention, Facebook Ads Convention, Shoes Sale Convention, etc.
  • No need to maintain documents for your conventions
  • No complicated spreadsheets
  • No mistakes in using your conventions
You and your team can confidently build UTM tracking URLs without making any mistakes.
Facebook UTM Convention

Designed to build any convention

Use Option (dropdown), Date, Text, and Constant field types to build any convention from the ground up.
Field Types

Highly configurable

Use our convention building tools to design your own custom UTM builder.
We have designed them to be flexible and support a wide variety of use cases. Many of our customers were able to quickly migrate from their UTM spreadsheets to Terminus with little effort.
Configurable UTM Convention

A few more highlights

Default convention

Configure a convention to be automatically loaded in your UTM builder by default.

Configurable separator

Either use a dash (-), an underscore (_), or anything else to separate your fields

Date calendar

Select a date from a calendar for Date fields. Your configured date format will be used in your convention.

Easy to use

We have taken great care in making sure that your UTM builder works intuitively even with complex conventions.
Leading companies worldwide use Terminus UTM Builder daily to manage their UTM tracking URLs
The Humane Society of the United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Janus Henderson Investors
Cell Signaling Technology
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Terminus helps you and your team be consistent in UTM tracking

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