Enterprise UTM Management Platform

Terminus is the most comprehensive platform to manage UTM (and CID) tracking URLs. It's designed for large organizations to implement their UTM strategy from the simplest to the most complex use cases.

Leading companies worldwide use Terminus UTM Builder daily to manage their UTM tracking URLs
The Humane Society of the United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Janus Henderson Investors
Cell Signaling Technology
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A complete solution with the most advanced features available on the market

You don't need to look for another tool when your needs grow. Terminus can handle it all.
Highly configurable
Customize everything from channels, dependencies, custom codes, campaign names, rules, etc. to create the most optimum workflow for your company. It has everything you might need to execute a complex UTM strategy.
User and Group permissions
Give the correct level of permission to each user. Create teams to manage permissions for large number of users.
Fast and Efficient
Build hundreds of links in minutes while following all your UTM requirements. Considerably increase team productivity with best-in-class building tools.
Keep track of who created which URLs, UTMs, etc. for transparency and audit checks.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Use your company SSO to login to Terminus. Supports Okta, Onelogin, Microsoft Azure AD, Google, etc. Great for security and compliance.
API Access
Use our API to pull link data and use it to create in-house custom reports. Many of our customers combine it with Google Analytics and other reporting data to create internal dashboards.
Higher limits and plan flexibility
We can support higher number users, projects, custom domains, etc. than what you see on our website. Pricing and service capacity can be customized for your needs.
Support your company procurement workflow with purchase orders, invoices, ACH payment, etc.
Secure and Reliable
Robust and secure infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with high uptime reliability.
Signed contracts
Have a mutually signed agreement in place for legal and data compliance.
Dedicated Onboarding
Get advice and training on how to best setup your account for maximum impact based on your requirements.
1:1 Customer Support
Get support from experts with experience in successful setups of other large organizations.

Terminus helps you implement consistent tracking codes companywide

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