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Terminus UTM Builder Dashboard

Carefully crafted URL building tools

Add multiple URLs, choose existing UTM values, create new ones, use a preset to quickly populate common UTM settings, or create a new preset.
Everything is designed to help you follow your naming conventions and avoid mistakes.
You can even customize it for your own specific needs.
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Main UTM Builder

Add multiple sets of UTM parameters to a URL

Use our Multi-Tag URL Builder to create all the tracking URLs you need in as little as 2 clicks.
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Multi-tag UTM Builder

Configure UTM Naming Conventions

Your UTM conventions should not just be in your head or some document. Make them part of your own customized UTM builder.
Define conventions specific to different channels, products, or anything else you need.
For example, you can create Email Newsletter Convention, Facebook Ads Convention, Shoes Sale Convention, etc.
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UTM Naming Conventions

Custom Parameters

You are not limited to UTM parameters. Define any number of custom parameters to enhance your tracking.
It's also possible to create custom parameters with auto-generated unique values per URL. Automatically create values for utm_id (Google Analytics) or cid (Adobe Analytics) or any other platform for fine-grained campaign tracking.
Custom Parameters

Drop Retargeting pixels

Use our redirect codes feature to add people to your retargeting lists when they click your short urls.
Segment your audience based on URLs they click even if you are sharing someone else's webpage.
You can also use it to fire any Google Analytics event or trigger any piece of javascript.
Redirect codes

URL Validation and Monitoring

Terminus automatically checks if your original URLs are reachable. Avoid sharing broken webpages with your potential customers.
This also helps you catch any typos or copy-paste mistakes early on.
URL Monitoring


Use color-coded labels to organize your URLs.

One of a kind URL builder for emails

It has always been difficult to add UTM tracking to emails.
Not anymore.
Just write your emails as usual and Terminus will generate UTM tracked email in seconds. It will even auto-detect UTM Content values.
It's compatible with most email service providers including Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Drip, and others.
UTM tracked email

Adobe Classifications and Google Analytics Data Sets

Define and export Adobe Analytics classifications and Google Analytics data sets using any number of columns. Build URLs normally and export the mapping to your analytics tools.
You can even build compact URLs like
http://www.example.com/?utm_id=some-value or
and still be able to see all the campaign, medium, source, etc. in your analytics reports.
Adobe and GA Classifications

Analytics reports

Terminus helps make your analytics reports accurate with UTM parameters. But you can also get a quick glance at how your campaigns are doing within Terminus. Just share your short URLs as usual and Terminus does the rest.
There's nothing to install on your website.

And there's a lot more

Build multiple URLs
Save time and effort by building bunch of URLs at once.
Import existing UTM URLs
Our import tool will help you bring your exsiting UTM URLs in minutes.
Your URLs will be automatically shortened. No copy-paste or any manual work needed.
One click copy
Copy any tracking URL with 1 click and use it anywhere.
Add notes
Notes help you and your team keep track of details for future reference. Use our Info Fields feature to create your own custom notes.
Clone URLs
Build new URLs based on old ones. Save time and avoid mistakes.
Easy social sharing
Share URLs on social networks with one click. We'll even detect the relevant social network based on your URL and highlight it for you.
Search URLs
All of your URLs are searchable. Search based on UTM parameters, destination URL, notes, etc.
Export URLs
Easily export all or any subset of your URLs. Share it with vendors or use it with other platforms.
Save all UTM parameters
All of your UTM parameters are saved as you build URLs. Helps you manage all of them in one place.
UTM suggestions as you type
Auto-complete any UTM or custom parameters as you type. Greatly reduce typing mistakes.
Deactivate unused UTMs
Any unused or expired UTM parameters can be deactivated. For example, you can use it for time-limited campaigns.
Enforce lowercase
Google Analytics and other analytics tools are case sensitive. Enforce lowercase with just one setting and avoid the most common mistakes in UTM naming.
Presets and Preset groups
Group UTM parameters into meaning full sets for quickly building URLs. e.g. use Google Adwords to quickly populate medium, source, term, etc.
Custom parameters
Define any number of custom parameters, like coupon, to track beyond UTM parameters
Email UTM tracking
Our email building tools help you easily add UTM tracking to all URLs in any email.
Works with all email providers
Track emails created in Mailchimp, AWeber, ConstantContact or any other email service provider.
Track clicks in emails
See click stats for every email and URL you track.
Use your own custom domain
Use your own branded domain to shorten URLs. Helps you retain your brand value when sharing short URLs.
Customize your short URLs
Create a nice looking short URL for ease of sharing. e.g. term.li/sale
Add retargeting/remarketing pixels
Add people to your retargeting lists or trigger any tracking code during a short url redirect.
Private Metrics
Some shorteners allow anyone to see the metrics on your links by adding "+" to the short URLs. Our shortener will keep your metrics private.
Time-based reports
See how your campaigns, media, source, etc. are doing over time.
Distribution reports
Quickly identify the most effective campaigns, medium, sources, terms and contents.
Drilldown reports
Filter on one or more campaign parameters to get more insights.
Export reports
Download reports in CSV format for further analysis in any spreadsheet.
Automatic bot filtering
We filter the most bot traffic automatically. So your reports mostly consist of visits by real people.
Detailed member permission levels
Control what changes each team member can make. Decide who is allowed to create URLs, change project settings, etc.
Keep track of who created which URL and UTM parameters.
Clone projects
Create new projects based on existing ones.
Chrome extension
Build URLs on any website with our Chrome extension. Learn more
Bitly integration
Connect your own Bitly account and use it to shorten URLs.
Replace spaces
Replace all the spaces in your UTM parameters with underscore (_) , dash (-), or any character of your choice.
Leading companies worldwide use Terminus UTM Builder daily to manage their UTM tracking URLs
The Humane Society of the United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Janus Henderson Investors
Cell Signaling Technology
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Terminus helps you and your team be consistent in UTM tracking

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