URL Shortener with Link Retargeting

Auto-shorten all UTM tagged URLs with no extra step.

Build Branded Short URLs

Terminus works with your custom domain to help you build branded short urls. Share nice looking URLs on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
You can even enable HTTPS for your custom domain for security and privacy of your visitors.
Customize Shorturl

Link Retargeting

Use our redirect codes feature to add people to your retargeting lists when they click your short urls.
Segment your audience based on URLs they click even if you are sharing someone else's webpage.
You can also use it to fire any Google Analytics event or trigger any piece of javascript.
Redirect codes

Retarget users based on any UTM value

Whenever someone clicks on your short urls, you can specify which campaign they were part of using our dynamic parameter insertion feature, e.g. _tu.utm_campaign , _tu.utm_medium , etc.
You can then retarget users based on UTM campaign, UTM medium, etc. behind the short urls they clicked.
var fbTrack = function() {
  fbq('track', "ShortUrlRedirect", {campaign: _tu.utm_campaign})

Drilldown Reports

See the click reports within Terminus to see how your campaigns are doing. Drilldown to a specific campaign, medium, or source to see what's working and what's not. Just share your short URLs as usual. There's nothing to install on your website.

Other features

Default domain
Redirect all missing, broken, mistyped short urls to your own domain
301 permanent redirect
Pass all SEO credit to your main domain
HTTPS for your custom domain
Make all your short urls secure and private using HTTPS
Parameter forwarding
Pass any extra URL parameters to the destination URL during redirect
Edit destination URL
Change the final URL without changing the short url
QR codes
Share scannable QR codes in your brochures, visiting cards and other campaigns

Terminus helps you and your team be consistent in UTM tracking

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