The best UTM builder ever created. Period.

Configure once. Be consistent all the time.

Consistently enforce your UTM (or CID) tagging rules

Make your Google Analytics, Adobe and other reports more accurate and insightful
Enforce lowercase
You can enforce UTM or custom parameter values to always be lowercase to maintain consistency.
Limit length of UTM parameters
Not all systems can handle long UTM parameters. Configure size limits to make sure they work with all your tools.
Prohibit certain characters
Some characters might break your scripts or cause some issues. Configure prohibited characters to prevent them from being used in UTM codes.
Replace spaces
Automatically replace spaces with another character, e.g. underscore _ to avoid them being used.
Validate URLs
Terminus makes sure that all created URLs are valid. No more broken URLs.
Required UTM parameters
Configure which UTM parameters are a must. Terminus will make sure that no URL is created without those being specified.
Lock down utm_medium and utm_source values
Give permission to create new utm_medium, utm_source (or any UTM code) only to specific team members.
Manage complex UTM conventions
Use conventions feature to enforce enterprise-grade UTM taxonomy. Pack campaign data about business units, products, goals and more in your UTM codes.

Bulk UTM builder to create URLs with multiple UTM codes

Configure based on your UTM taxonomy. Built for highly productive teams.
Build tons of URLs
Create all sorts of UTM combinations to build as many URLs as you need. Great for social and ads campaigns.
Customize with conventions
Enforce any UTM strategy with different data types including dropdowns, free text, date, etc. Easily handles complex needs of billion-dollar corporations.
“Just a confirmation that the Grid Mode URL Builder surpassed all expectations and provided a great solution to our needs.”
- Marketing Automation Specialist at a Multinational Conglomerate

Easy and consistent UTM tracking of your email campaigns

Don't waste time trying to build one URL at a time
Works with most email providers
Use with Mailchimp, Drip, ConstantContact, Aweber, and any other email service.
Consistent tracking in emails
Enforce UTM conventions in emails and make them consistent with your other campaigns.
No manual search and replace
Quickly add UTM tracking to all URLs in emails. Every time, with no mistakes.
Chrome extension for easy tagging
Use our Chrome extension and add UTM codes to your emails within your email tool.

Terminus helps you and your team be consistent in UTM tracking

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