What is Cold Email Link Tracking and How it works: A Complete Guide

When you send a cold email, the success of your campaign can rely on whether or not the recipient clicks on the link you included in your message.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong with link tracking when sending cold emails, and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on without the right resources.

This blog will provide you with a complete guide to understanding how cold email link tracking works so that you can ensure your campaigns are as successful as possible.

So, let’s get started.

An Overview of Link Tracking

Link tracking implies monitoring user engagement with specific links on websites, emails, and other digital media.

You can gain insight into how your campaigns are performing by collecting data about clicks, shares, and opens of a link.

Through this analysis, you can also measure the effectiveness of your content and adjust strategies accordingly.

When you click a link shared from one website to another or from an email to another platform, a unique “tracking code” is attached that identifies the source of the link.

Every time that same link is accessed by someone else, data about the action (such as IP address) is collected. This data will help you identify which links are most successful in driving traffic and conversions.

How Does Link Tracking Work

When using a custom domain tracking setup, you will create a unique email address for each cold email or campaign you send out. This allows you to monitor emails that are sent from your own domain and track them separately.

By creating a new email address for each cold email, you can view the exact times when an email was opened and how many times it was opened.

LeadMaster, a domain tracking brand, has a clear and concise dashboard to view this information.

Pros of Using Custom Domain Tracker

  • Sender reputation & Guaranteed delivery

Using a custom domain tracking setup will help your sender reputation score with email service providers (ESPs) since each email is sent from a unique domain. This helps ensure that emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox rather than the spam folder.

  • Increased visibility

Using link tracking allows you to gain valuable insight into how often a recipient is engaging with your emails. This helps you identify which recipients are more interested in your offer and prioritize outreach to those prospects.

  • Personalized links

Link tracking also allows you to create unique, personalized URLs for each person you’re sending an email to.

  • Custom domain name visibility

Having a custom domain name is essential for building brand awareness and recognition.

Utilizing domain tracking to measure the success of your individual campaigns can help you identify which campaigns are making an impact and contributing to your business goals.

Using a Link Tracking Tool

Another way to track your cold emails is by using a link tracking tool. These tools allow you to create unique links for each email or campaign that you send out.

When someone clicks on these links, the tracking tool will record and store the data automatically.

You can use a UTM builder to rapidly and easily construct your URL. All you need to do is include your campaign’s name, source, and medium to generate a dynamic link quickly!

Pros of using a Link Tracking tool

  • Measure Engagement & Clicks

Link tracking tools provide an easy way to measure the engagement of your cold email campaigns.

By tracking clicks, you can quickly determine which messages were read and what kind of content resonated with the recipient. This data can then be used to better tailor your messaging for maximum effectiveness.

  • Monitor Performance

Link tracking tools also make it easier to monitor the performance of your cold emails. This includes tracking how often they are opened, how long they remain open and how often people click on links in the body of the message.

With this information, you can make adjustments to ensure that your campaigns are reaching their intended audiences.

  • Improve Targeting

Link tracking also makes it easier to target specific types of recipients. By tracking clicks, you can determine which messages resonated with your audience and adjust future campaigns accordingly.

Advantages of Link Tracking in Cold Email

There are various pros to link tracking in cold emails, such as:

1. Analytics

Cold email link tracking helps you gain insight into email campaign effectiveness and recipient engagement by tracking link clicks and other behaviors.

Collecting this data lets you tweak your campaigns to target your prospects better and increase the chances of generating leads.

2. Personalization

With Link Tracking, you can track who clicked on a particular link within an email message and use this information to create custom follow-up emails tailored to their interests.

This personalization strategy increases the chance that prospects will take action after engaging with your content. Act-On, a domain tracking brand, allows you to track who opened and clicked on the link within an email message.

3. Time Savings

With automated cold email link tracking, you don’t have to review each prospect’s activity to respond to them manually.

You can easily filter and segment recipients based on their link click activity, allowing you to send timely follow-up emails without manually reviewing each prospect’s data.

4. Measuring ROI:

Link tracking helps in easily measuring the return on investment (ROI) from your cold emails campaigns.

It helps you measure how many people opened your emails, how many clicked on each link in the email and how much time they spent clicking on the links.

This information can give you valuable insights into what kind of content works best for different types of audiences and help optimize future campaigns accordingly.

How do you Know your Cold Email Campaigns are Working?

It’s important to track the success of your cold email campaigns so that you can understand whether or not your efforts are paying off. Without tracking, there is no way to measure results and modify future strategies for better performance.

To accurately assess the performance of your cold email campaigns, start by understanding which metrics to look at. Important email campaign performance metrics include open rate, response rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

  • Open Rate: Open rate is a metric that measures the percentage of people who opened an email from your campaign. This is a great indicator of your success in getting your target audience to engage with your content.
  • Response Rate: Response rate is also known as the ‘reply rate’ and measures the amount of people who responded to your email. This metric can show you how effective your message was in eliciting a response from prospects.
  • Click-Through Rate: Click-through rate (CTR) is a metric that measures the number of people who clicked on any links or buttons in your email. This is a great indicator of how interested readers were in learning more about your offer and taking action.
  • Conversion Rate: Conversion rate measures the percentage of people who completed a desired action from your email, such as signing up for a webinar or downloading an ebook.

With link tracking, you can easily measure how many people interact with the links in your cold email campaigns and determine which mail they were sent from.

All these metrics can help you understand the success of your cold email campaigns and make changes to improve their performance.

As your email campaigns continue to evolve and become more effective, it’s important to keep track of your progress through these key performance indicators (KPIs).

Ways to Structure UTMs for Improving Cold Email Reporting

how to structure UTMs

Let’s imagine you are running an email campaign and sending out emails to your list of subscribers. Your UTM code could look something like this:


This UTM code would allow you to track the specific source (emails), medium (organic) and campaign (winter-email-launch) associated with the traffic generated by this particular email blast.

By using UTM codes in this way, you can gain a better understanding of which sources, mediums and campaigns are most effective at driving traffic to your site. Additionally, these insights will help inform future marketing efforts and optimize overall performance.

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UTM tracking links usually contain three core components:


The source component of a UTM code allows you to identify the origin of your traffic and differentiate between mediums.


This component lets you more accurately define how users reach your site from the specified source.


The campaign element gives you greater insight into what portion of the audience is engaged with each particular message in an email campaign.

One way to get yourself noticed in a cold email is to include a UTM tracked link. For example, here’s how it looks when included as an email:


Whenever a lead clicks your link, you can easily monitor the activity in your Google Analytics account or CRM.

With this data, you will be able to know how many people interacted with the link, what kind of campaign drove them to it, and which email did they first interact with.

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The Bottom Line

Cold email link tracking is a valuable tool for marketers who want to track their campaigns and measure the success of their efforts.

Using an email link tracker, you can easily monitor your campaigns and analyze the data to gain actionable insights on better reaching and engaging with your target audience.

Link tracking also ensures that you have complete control over your emails and can see which links are clicked most often by recipients.

This knowledge can be used to refine and optimize future campaigns to achieve even higher levels of engagement.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why cold email link tracking should be part of any marketer’s toolkit.

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