What is UTM Link Tagging and How to insert Tags: A Complete Guide

UTM(urchin tracking module) link tagging is a vital method for tracking URLs and evaluating the impact of internet campaigns, offering insightful data on the efficiency of a marketing campaign. By doing this, you can prove the value and evaluate the performance of each campaign.

Simultaneously, handling UTM tags over many URLs can be difficult, particularly for businesses with hundreds or thousands of web pages. This is where centralizing link tagging is useful.

While you centralize link tagging, UTM tags under one roof make it simpler to analyze and assess the effectiveness of a particular campaign.

This blog post will teach you how to tag Links and its advantages for ensuring the success of digital marketing campaigns.

What is Link Tagging?

UTM link tagging is a technique for tracking a link’s source, media, and campaign name by adding specific parameters to the end of a URL using a URL builder. The following format is used to add these parameters, also referred to as “UTM parameters” or “UTM tags,” at the end of a URL:


The “abc_source” parameter specifies where the traffic is coming from. Moreover, the “abc_medium” parameter describes the type of traffic, such as email or banner ads. The “abc_campaign” parameter specifies the name of the specific marketing campaign the link is a part of.

Businesses and marketers can track the success of their marketing campaigns by utilizing UTM link tagging to examine the traffic and conversions that originate from particular sources and mediums. They can use this information to inform their judgments about where to concentrate their marketing efforts and change their tactics.

Benefits of Marketing Campaign Link Tagging

Let’s dive in to know the significance of centralizing link tagging in the digital era:

1. Consistency and Standardization

Employing a centralized link tagging solution guarantees that your UTM tags are constant and uniform across all marketing channels. By doing this, you can ensure that you track the appropriate metrics and gather reliable data for analysis.

2. Enhancement of Data Accuracy

link tagging can decrease the chance of human error when producing and managing UTM tags. As a result, your data analysis may be more accurate, and your marketing performance may be more fully viewed.

3. Time and Resource Saving

Using a link tagging solution allows you to create and manage UTM tags more quickly and with fewer resources. You can then concentrate on other crucial marketing duties, such as improving the effectiveness of your campaigns.

4. Improved ROI Analysis

Consolidated tagging of links can give you a clearer picture of how your marketing efforts are performing across different channels. It will enable you to allocate your marketing expenses more wisely and boost your return on investment.

5. Easier Collaboration

Collaborating with other marketing teams or agency members can be simpler when centralizing Link tagging. A central system allows easy access to the same UTM tag templates, ensuring uniformity across all marketing channels.

6. Analyzing Web Traffic:

Using UTM links to monitor the origin of each visit, it is possible to analyze website traffic. With this data, website owners may determine which marketing channels bring in the most visitors and change their approach accordingly.

7. Tracking paid Advertising efforts:

As sponsored advertising campaigns can be pricey, monitoring their effectiveness is critical to ensure a decent return on investment (ROI).

For sponsored advertisements on several platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, UTM links can be used to track clicks and conversions.

Overall, UTM links are an adaptable tool that can be used to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of different web initiatives, enabling marketers to enhance their strategy and outcomes.

How to Tag Links using UTM Builder

Here are the steps you can follow to centralize link tagging:
In order to tag links, you can create and maintain UTM tags using a link management tool. It might assist in ensuring that your UTM tags are uniform and consistent throughout all your marketing channels.

  1. Choose a link management tool that supports UTM link tagging, such as TerminusApp.
  2. Create a UTM tag template that includes the parameters you want to track, such as source, medium, and campaign name.
  3. Use the link management tool to create UTM-tagged links for specific campaign you run.

Use the same UTM tag template consistently across all your marketing channels.

Track and analyze the performance of your UTM-tagged links using the reporting and analytics feature in the UTM builder.

You can save time and reduce human error by centralizing link tagging through a link management solution. It can assist you in obtaining more precise information about your marketing efforts and help you decide on your marketing plan with greater knowledge.

Pros And Cons of Link Tagging

Centralizing link tagging can be a great way to organize and track links across multiple websites. However, there are a few pros and cons to centralizing link tagging. Let’s check them out:


  • Efficiency: By managing UTM tags in a single location, link tagging enables enterprises to easily adopt and maintain tags across many URLs.
  • Consistency: Organizations may guarantee consistency in their UTM tagging using centralized link tagging, which is crucial for precise tracking and reporting.
  • Accuracy: By reducing the chance of human error during link tagging, link tagging ensures that UTM tags are applied correctly and consistently.
  • Better reporting: By utilizing a centralized system, businesses can access thorough statistics and analytics that inform them how their UTM-tagged URLs perform across various channels.


  • Learning curve: To properly apply UTM tags and use the centralized system, staff may need training.
  • Limitations: Depending on the system chosen, there may be restrictions on the number of URLs marked or the degree of customization available with link tagging.
  • Integration: To guarantee that the data is accurately gathered and evaluated, integration with already-existing systems, like Google Analytics, may necessitate further work.

Link tagging can benefit businesses significantly, such as improved efficiency, consistency, and accuracy in UTM tagging, leading to better reporting and analytics.
However, implementing and maintaining a centralized system may require additional resources and training, and there may be limitations or challenges to integrating with existing systems. But with TerminusApp, you can overcome these limitations as it helps achieve this goal automatically.

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Link tagging is an invaluable tool for marketers to track their campaigns and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. With link tags, marketers can identify which campaigns drive conversions, clicks, and engagement. But which is the best tool for managing your links to drive more conversions?

TerminusApp is a feature-rich link management platform that helps marketers easily track their campaigns. TerminusApp is the only solution to organize and track your marketing initiatives. Businesses can effortlessly tag and track their URLs across various platforms with our unified link tagging platform, offering thorough reporting and analytics to help you improve your campaigns.

Watch the complete product demo here. By streamlining your UTM tagging procedure with TerminusApp, you can guarantee accuracy and consistency across your URLs. Clicks and conversions may also be tracked in real-time, giving you important information about the channels generating the most engagement and return on investment.

Their simple interface and clear data make it simple to keep track of the success of your initiatives, and our team of professionals is always on hand to offer support and direction.

TerminusApp also offers a range of features, such as custom link shortening, formatting, automated link tracking, centralizing multiple tags, and more, making it easier for users to get the most out of their marketing metrics.

Final Thoughts

Organizations that want to optimize online marketing and raise ROI must employ link tagging. Businesses can manage their UTM tags consistently and precisely, utilizing a system while having access to detailed reporting and analytics to monitor the success of their campaigns across many channels.

With the help of TerminusApp, businesses can manage and tag links more effectively, track clicks and conversions in real time, and streamline their UTM tagging processes.

The need for an efficient internet marketing plan is greater than ever in the current digital environment. Businesses may remain ahead of the competition and produce significant results by adopting link tags with TerminusApp.

With the help of the Terminus App, doing all these manual tasks becomes automated, which helps you achieve the desired result within a few clicks.

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