How to Track a Marketing Campaign: Best Methods and Tips To Get Started

As businesses worldwide push towards digitization, consumers today require instant solutions to real-world problems. Keeping up with their dynamic requirements and staying ahead in your niche is crucial to growing your brand and revenue.

While your marketing efforts might be aimed at helping your company achieve these goals, it is difficult to understand the results of these campaigns in real time. Without indicators to notify you of what works and what doesn’t, you could waste significant resources and cut into your profits.

Learn how to track a marketing campaign using 6 of the best methods in the market with our article so you can make crucial business decisions by leveraging actionable insights from your campaigns.

What is Market Campaign Tracking?

Marketing campaigns utilize several platforms simultaneously to promote and advertise your products to your target audience and spread brand awareness. Implementing campaigns is only part of the process.

Your teams must track market campaigns to gather relevant insights based on metrics for your campaigns’ overall performance and effectiveness. Understanding what works and what doesn’t for the audience in your niche is integral to driving up revenue and ROI.

You can track online and offline campaigns to achieve complete visibility for metrics like conversion rates, user engagement, sources of high user traffic, etc.

Why You Should Track a Marketing Campaign

Before I discuss how to track a marketing campaign, let’s take a deeper dive into why you must consider campaign tracking as an essential part of your overall marketing strategy:

Calculating marketing efforts: The most immediate advantage of tracking your marketing campaigns is acquiring various metrics regarding specific marketing efforts and tactics.

Data regarding marketing campaigns enable you to understand what your client is looking for ideally, what elements of your campaign work, and which campaigns to optimize or remove if they show unsatisfactory results.

Tracking social media campaigns provides a glimpse into your audience’s general sentiment for your brand and improves customer relations based on shortcomings.

Efficient resource allocation: Based on the previous point, having accurate insights for your campaigns lets you understand the elements that draw in your ideal customer profile (ICP) and what is inefficient in gathering prospects.

With tracking data, you have a better idea of where to invest your resources to turn a profit or which campaigns to pull back from and optimize them further before they are active again.

Tracking data enables you to avoid a resource drain while ensuring you earn the most revenue from the best marketing channels without spending significant money trying to see what works.

Real-time response: Closely monitoring your marketing campaigns lets you stay ahead of your competition by conversing with customers as your campaign develops and providing them with your solutions first.

Plan subsequent campaigns: In addition to optimizing ongoing campaigns, the data you receive from tracking your marketing campaigns can help inform you what elements to utilize for future campaigns so you can implement the best strategies right out the gate.

Create buyer personas: Since performance metrics for your campaigns will indicate what works with your audience, you can gain accurate insights into their user-specific requirements and target your customers better.

Leveraging intent data can also enable you to create detailed customer journeys to locate how far your prospect is from making a purchasing decision, move them through the stages of your sales funnel faster, and encourage them to convert.

6 Ways To Track Your Marketing Campaigns

Now that you understand why campaign tracking is essential for long-term growth and optimal revenue generation, you can now see how to track a marketing campaign by using one of the 6 best strategies available in the market today:

UTM and Unique URLs

How to Track a Marketing Campaign

Creating custom URLs that lead to specific landing pages for various marketing channels enables you to focus on a particular goal of your campaign and track the exact platform your customers find your website.

Knowing the sources of high user activity lets you allocate resources to generate more prospects through these platforms, provide them with information about your solutions, and guide them to the following action you want them to take by using call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

You can also use UTM tagging for your marketing URLs to track where your website visitor is coming from and the marketing channel they fall under. UTM tagging appends URLs that you can define to track information regarding your marketing campaigns.

URL management services like TerminusApp automates the creation of marketing URLs in bulk with complete UTM tagging for campaigns of any size.

CRM Tracking

Customer relationship management (CRM) software lets you manage your lead generation and sales strategies based on the information you gather for your current and potential customers. CRMs track and record details about your prospects that let you create a detailed customer profile.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

CRMs are also helpful in tracking your marketing campaigns as they categorize prospects based on the channel they fall under. Most CRMs also come with features like email automation so that you can personalize your outreach based on the data gathered for the customer.

Website Analytics

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

Website analytics is one of the simplest ways to track marketing campaigns. Online analytics tools record from simple traffic data to complex metrics such as average retention time, number of clicks for internal links, the platform they found your website link, etc.

With advanced data, you can figure out the campaign elements that generate the most prospects and what your customers are looking for so you can optimize and create new marketing tactics. Google Analytics 4 is a popular example of a website analytics tool.

Ad Network Conversion Tracking

Ad platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads), search engines, and domain hosting services usually feature a proprietary tracking tool to measure marketing data and gauge paid campaign performance.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

You can stay updated on the various marketing opportunities that arise based on how prospects interact with your brand and further segment your customer base.

KPI Dashboard Tracking

A key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard lets you view the metrics for multiple marketing channels on a unified platform. Data regarding conversions made from phone calls, website traffic, ad platform metrics, CRM software data, etc., can be viewed through comprehensive visualizations.

How to Track a Marketing Campaign


Business users and marketing teams can quickly drill down on specific data to acquire more insight into the marketing efforts taken by the organization, and it is useful for stakeholders to view the effectiveness of campaigns and accurately calculate ROI.

Phone Tracking

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

Call tracking software tracks your marketing campaigns based on phone calls. These tools let you view the source of the phone call and the campaign the prospect falls under.

Call tracking software allows you to redirect multiple phone numbers to a primary number. Regarding how to track a marketing campaign with phone tracking software, you can use redirect numbers for every marketing channel to view the traffic they accumulate.

5 Tips To Start Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns

While you now know how to track a marketing campaign with the strategies mentioned above and acquire a deeper insight into your marketing efforts, here are a few tips you should consider before you start tracking:

  1. The first step to any marketing endeavor must be to decide on the goals your campaign tracking hopes to achieve. When your goals are defined, identify the key metrics relevant to your goals to analyze trends and tweak your campaigns accordingly.
  2. Creating branding that is short and memorable is likely to gather more prospects. You can stand out from your competitors and drive up brand awareness to see an increase in conversions. Unique logos or slogans can be tracked using keywords on your analytics tools to measure the success of each branding material so you can optimize it based on public reception.
  3. Creating SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) goals is essential to keep your marketing teams focused and on track to achieving your primary objectives. Understanding SMART goals enables you to better understand your client and reorient your campaigns to meet their requirements.
  4. Reacting to real-time updates to your marketing campaign is essential to stay ahead of the curve. Create custom monitoring alerts in your tracking tool for your marketing campaigns based on specific keywords that are prioritized. By doing so, you can analyze the data collected for these terms immediately and analyze them to figure out if they need to be optimized.
  5. Finally, gather all the data and optimization efforts you undertook during your current marketing campaign and utilize them to plan subsequent marketing campaigns.

You can cut down on spending resources by creating a perfect campaign that meets your goals right from the start instead of spending time and money trying to tweak different elements.

With these tips and the six best strategies to track your marketing campaign, you are now prepared to gather the relevant insights that will help you gain more revenue through campaigns that target your audience better.

However, implementing these processes could mean navigating various interfaces on different marketing tools to get the insights required to make crucial business decisions.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could make marketing URLs, organize them, and view their performance from detailed analytics using a single marketing tool? TerminusApp is the perfect platform for the job.

TerminusApp: The All-in-One Solution For UTM Requirements

How to Track a Marketing Campaign

TerminusApp is a powerful all-in-one solution for your organization’s URL management and UTM tagging requirements. Our centralized platform lets you create, track, and manage marketing URLs with complete UTM tags for marketing campaigns of any size.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

TerminusApp lets you maintain a consistent UTM strategy by enforcing naming conventions like lower cases for UTM tags and removing spaces in URLs automatically for accurate data and insightful analytics.

URL builder helps you create website links faster with predefined conventions based on specific use cases. You can also save the links you create as templates for subsequent campaigns. The Multi-Tag URL builder lets you add multiple sets of UTM parameters on the same link.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

You can incorporate UTM tagging with your email marketing campaign, where our services will consistently append URLs in your inbound and outbound emails. TerminusApp is compatible with major email providers like MailChimp and Drip.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

If your company runs social media marketing strategies, our proprietary URL shortener lets you create branded short links of your website URLs to share on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We help create a more segmented customer base by adding visitors from short links to retargeting lists.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

TerminusApp provides a detailed view of the various metrics of your marketing campaigns on our analytics dashboard. You can drill down on specific sources, mediums, and campaigns to better understand your marketing efforts on our centralized platform.

How to Track a Marketing Campaignsource

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to track a marketing campaign with TerminusApp:

1.Open “Build Tracking URLs.”

How to Track a Marketing Campaign

2.Input destination URLs.

3.Apply UTM parameters or choose from pre-existing parameters.

4.Apply conventions for URLs with specific and complex use cases.

How to Track a Marketing Campaign

5.Select values in the given field

How to Track a Marketing Campaign

6.Specify the medium, source, content, and term to get deeper insights into your website visitors.

How to Track a Marketing Campaign

7.Click “Save” and monitor your campaign performance from the Terminus dashboard.

How to Track a Marketing Campaign


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Understanding how to track a marketing campaign is essential for marketing teams and business users to stay ahead of the competition, calculate ROI, and optimize marketing efforts that expand your presence in the market.

Utilizing one of the six ways of tracking your marketing campaigns is guaranteed to provide you with actionable insights that can help shape your subsequent campaigns and keep up with the dynamic requirements of your customer base.

TerminusApp makes tracking your marketing URLs easier by providing you with a centralized platform that automates the creation of website links, tracks metrics in real time, and gives data through comprehensive visualizations all in one place.

Try our features risk-free with a 21-day free trial, or contact our team for a demo and personalized pricing plan that solves every pain point in your organization’s current UTM strategy.

Revolutionize your marketing campaign tracking efforts with TerminusApp today!