How Can Real-Time UTM Tracking Boost Your Marketing Campaign?

Do you need help tracking the success of your online marketing campaigns? Look no further than UTM codes. UTM, or Urchin Tracking Module, codes are small texts you can add to your URLs.With the help of real-time UTM tracking, you can see how effective different marketing channels and campaigns are, from social media to email marketing and beyond.

In this blog, we’ll explore the power of real-time UTM tracking and show you how to use this valuable tool to optimize your online marketing efforts and boost your ROI.

What are UTM Codes?

Have you ever clicked on a link and noticed a bunch of text at the end of the URL? That’s often a UTM code! UTM codes are snippets of text that you add to the end of a URL to track where your website traffic is coming from.

Using UTM codes lets you see where your website visitors are coming from and what they do on your site. This information is precious for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and understanding how to optimize your website for better results.

UTM Tracking

Suppose you’re running a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter to promote a new product. You could create two unique UTM codes – one for the Facebook campaign and one for the Twitter campaign and attach them to the URLs you use in your social media posts.

When people click on those links and visit your website, you’ll see in Google Analytics which campaign they came from and how they interacted with your site.

There are several parameters that you can include in a UTM code, including:

  • Utm_source: the source of the traffic (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, email)
  • utm_medium: the type of traffic (e.g., social, email, CPC)
  • utm_campaign: the specific campaign you’re running (e.g., spring sale, holiday promotion)
  • utm_content: the specific ad or link that was clicked (e.g., banner ad, text link)
  • utm_term: the keyword used in a paid search campaign

There are many different ways that UTM tracking can be used, from social media campaigns to email marketing to paid advertising and more. The key is using UTM codes strategically and tracking the metrics that matter most to your business.

To get started with real-time UTM tracking, you’ll need to create unique UTM codes for each campaign and add them to the links you’re using in your marketing efforts. Google Analytics provides a UTM builder tool that makes creating and tracking your UTM codes easy.

Uses of Real-time UTM Tracking

Real-Time UTM Tracking

Here are a few ways that UTM tracking can be used:

Social Media Campaigns:

Social media platforms are a great way to reach and engage with a large audience and promote your brand. Adding UTM codes to your social media post links lets you track which platforms drive the most traffic to your website and see how your audience engages with your content.

Email Campaigns:

Email marketing is a great way if you want to stay connected with your audience and promote your products or services. By adding UTM codes to the links in your emails, you can track which campaigns are driving the most clicks and conversions.

Paid Advertising:

If you’re running paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can track the effectiveness of your ads and optimize your targeting with UTM Codes. You can see which campaigns and ad groups drive the most traffic and conversions by including UTM codes in your ad links.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is now a popular way for brands to promote their products and reach new audiences. By using UTM codes in the links that influencers share, you can track the performance of your campaigns and see which influencers are driving the most traffic and conversions.

There are many different ways that UTM tracking can be used, and the possibilities are endless. The key is using UTM codes strategically and tracking the metrics that matter most to your business.

UTM Tools for Building Code and Tracking


Real-Time UTM Tracking

TerminusApp is an all-in-one UTM builder and link management platform that offers a comprehensive solution to standardize your UTM naming conventions and replace your spreadsheet.

Designed specifically for UTM building, TerminusApp is feature-rich and helps you define a disciplined UTM strategy, build branded short URLs, and share good-looking URLs on social networks.

Its advanced features make it the best solution in the market for building tracking URLs, and it’s even responsive and ready to serve on mobile devices.

UTM Link Manager

Real-Time UTM Tracking

UTM Link Manager can help you create and manage your tracking links in one place. You can create and store all your tracking links in one place without having to deal with messy spreadsheets.

Plus, the tool offers presets for accessible and standardized link building, which can save you a lot of time and hassle. It has a 7-day free trial where you can try all the features.

On the downside, the tool is currently unable to break out domains into separate environments, which can be helpful for client management. And there is no native reporting, although there is a traffic counter for a quick glance.

Google URL Builder

Real-Time UTM Tracking

Google URL Builder has been around for years and is still widely used today. Google URL Builder allows you to create UTM links for a website or app, including Google Play and iOS. It’s a simple tool that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

However, you can’t create a short link version. If you want to use a short link, you’ll have to use a separate tool for that.

Triggerbee Link Creator

Real-Time UTM Tracking

Have you heard about the Triggerbee link creator? It’s a cool tool that makes creating UTM codes for your marketing campaigns super easy. You can use its free trial to learn about the features in detail and then choose a pricing plan according to your needs.

Real-Time UTM Tracking

One thing that’s really great about the Triggerbee link creator is that it uses simpler descriptions for the UTM parameters, which makes it easy to use. For example, instead of asking for a “Campaign name” and “Source,” it asks you to “Give your link a name” and “Where are you sharing your link?” This makes it simple to create UTM codes even if you’re not a marketing expert.


Real-Time UTM Tracking

CampaignTrackly is a tool that takes a big preset approach to their application. They have a large library of presets that cover anything you would ever track in marketing.

One of the biggest pros of CampaignTrackly is its big library of presets and templates, which makes it easy to set up tracking for various marketing campaigns quickly. They also have built-in reporting, which can save you time by providing analytics on your campaign performance. You can check their pricing plans in detail and make an informed decision.

Real-Time UTM Tracking

You cannot create short links directly within the application. Also, the interface is outdated and could use a refresh.

TerminusApp: The UTM Tool to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

If you’re looking for a UTM tool to help you track your digital marketing campaigns and optimize your results, look no further than TerminusApp.

TerminusApp is the obvious choice owing to its feature-rich interface, custom parameters, and color-coded labels. It helps you define a disciplined UTM strategy, build branded short URLs, and share good-looking URLs on social media.

The TerminusApp extension allows you to build and manage all your UTM URLs in one place, saving you time and effort. TerminusApp offers real-time UTM tracking features that help businesses of all sizes make data-driven decisions and see how effective their campaign is.

Create Custom UTM Parameters:

TerminusApp allows you to create custom UTM parameters to track specific metrics, such as campaign name, source, medium, and more. This helps you gain deeper insights into how your campaigns are performing.

UTM Builder

With its UTM Builder, you can easily create UTM tags for your campaigns in just a few clicks. This ensures your tags are consistent and accurate and saves a lot of time.

Campaign Tracking:

It tracks your campaigns across different channels and devices, giving you a complete view of your marketing performance. You can make data-driven decisions to optimize your results when you are aware of which campaigns drive the most traffic and conversions.

Conversion Tracking:

With TerminusApp, you can track conversions on your website and other landing pages to see which campaigns drive the most leads and sales. This helps you identify the most effective campaigns and allocate your budget accordingly.

Multi-Channel Attribution:

This tool uses multi-channel attribution to track the customer journey across multiple touchpoints, so you can see which channels and campaigns contribute to conversions. This helps you optimize your marketing mix and maximize your ROI.


TerminusApp provides detailed reports on your campaigns, showing how your marketing efforts are performing over time. You can easily export reports to share with your team or stakeholders and make data-driven decisions to optimize your results.


Terminus offers Multiple Pricing Plans with different advantages.

Personal Plan

It costs $24 per month when billed annually. It allows one user and offers services like Auto shortening and custom parameters.

Professional Plan

It costs $66 per month on annual billing. It allows three users and two custom domains, along with URL Monitoring and Bulk Operations.

Business Plan

This plan starts at $166 per month when billed annually and allows five users. It offers advantages like Email Builders and Auto Generated tracking IDs.

Enterprise Plan

It costs $416 per month on annual billing. It allows fifteen users and five custom domains with amazing features like API Access and signed agreement.

TerminusApp offers a 21-day risk-free trial where you can try the features and then choose a plan according to your needs.


UTM code tracking is essential for any marketer looking to optimize their online campaigns and maximize their ROI.

UTM codes are crucial for understanding the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, and TerminusApp is an excellent tool for building and managing them. It offers a feature-rich interface, custom parameters, color-coded labels, and accurate analytics reports.

With TerminusApp, you can take your digital marketing efforts to the next level and achieve greater success. TerminusApp has multiple plans, and it also provides a 21-day free trial where you can try all the features and see for yourself how easy it makes your work of real-time UTM tracking!